I’m Kelby. Currently, I’m a graduate student working on my master’s degree in music. My husband is a band director. We live in Northwest Arkansas and love spending time outside.

I fell in love with hiking towards the end of my time getting my bachelor’s degree. It was a way for me to deal with the stress of school and just clear my mind away from the busyness of Northwest Arkansas. My husband loves hiking, but is much busier than I am so I found myself hiking alone several times. It was during these solo hikes that I was really struck by the beauty of God’s creation and thankful that He was willing to let me experience it.

I grew stronger in my faith because of these hikes and began to feel a calling to write a devotional book so others could experience the same closeness to God that I feel. This blog is a way for me to get closer to that goal and to reach as many people as possible.

I decided to divide my hikes up into 3 categories: peaks, valleys, and paths. In life sometimes I find that things are going well for me. I’m high on the mountain, a peak. More often, I am in a valley where I’m down on myself and things may not be going as well as I’d like. And in between these peaks and valleys, I walk the everyday path of life. I need Christ in ALL of these moments.

Hopefully you’re here because you’re either a nature-lover or a Jesus-lover. I’d like to try to make you both! I hope this blog inspires you to get outside and experience the beauty that God created just for us.