Impure Thoughts

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home. Church has always been a part of my life and I’m thankful for the faith my parents instilled in me as a young girl. However, keeping myself accountable for attending church and growing my faith has been challenging ever since I left home and went to college 7 years ago. It’s been a constant battle for years now. I have never strayed so far from the faith that I rebuke God as my Savior, but I have neglected our relationship for sure.

In this season of my life, I have recommitted myself to growing in my walk and being consistent with my quiet times. I love the book Jesus Calling and use it as a daily devotional because the readings are so short but so dense with great, thought provoking statements.

Today’s reading was on impure thoughts. This was something that always seemed to drive a wedge between myself and God. I would think something terrible or awful, realize what I was doing in the context of my faith, and deem myself unworthy of God’s love.

These thoughts are things I was never taught how to deal with.

Today’s devotional stated that when impure thoughts are subconscious, God knows and we are not responsible for them. When they are conscious, we are clearly at fault.

However, when we recognize that we are experiencing these thoughts, we can immediately ask for forgiveness and protection.

Immediately after reading this, I felt forgiveness for all the guilt I had been carrying around for years. The answer was SO EASY. God is a loving and forgiving father and I had somehow forgotten that over the years.

As with anything, keeping impure thoughts out of our mind takes practice, but with faith and perseverance, it becomes easier and easier.

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